Heartbeat Family

Azim Jenk Ali


( Malaysia )

One of Malaysia’s most talented and youngest drummers. Azim Jenk Ali has performed
and recorded for the likes of M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah, Ella, Jaclyn Victor, FaizalTahir,
Jay Jay, Hujan,Yusni Hamid, Azlan & The Typwriter, Black, Yuna, Hafiz AF, Aizat Amdan,
Sheila Amzah, Tomok, Adibah Noor, Noryn Aziz, Sham Kamaikaze,
Melissa Indot and Awi Rafael just to name a few. Malaysia’s most in-demand drummer,
holding the place of the house drummer for AnugerahJuaraLagu,
Akademi Fantasia anda string of Astro’s mega productions and live reality talent shows.
Currently working on his own solo album, in the mixing and mastering phase
at Chops And Beats Productions.

Azim Jenk Ali use: