Heartbeat Family

Jana Nair


( Malaysia )

Jana Nair’s hard hitting, bouncy and straight up drum styles are mainly inspired
by Metal and Hardcore bands such as Metallica, Sick Of It All, Biohazard,
Earth Crisis, ShaiHulud and many more. He had also played in bands such as
Beyondsight, Against My Will, The Dearly Missed, Get Sky Proper, Nervewreck
previously and currently with Malaysia’s post hardcore outfit Love Me Butch.
He was the first to receive an award in the AnugerahIndustri Music for Best New
English Artiste with Love Me Butch in 2002.The band had also toured Asian Pacific
circuit countless several times. Always a hard hitter and riot starter,
Jana Nair gives everything on the kit.

Jana Nair use: