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Jimmy Jamz


( Malaysia )

Jimmy Jamz Has and is actively involved in the Southeast Asian music market,
working in the industry backing various local and International Artist On Stage
and in the studios.
Known for digging in hard on the kit, Jimmy currently plays for Malaysian rock
artists Tempered Mental, Oh Chentaku and also for the beautiful songstress
Dasha Logan. Jimmy’s hard hitting style has led him to hold down the kit for
Malaysian Powerhouse legends, such as the likes of Ella and Jaclyn Victor.
Also known for his versatility, he has played high profile shows in the industry
such as “P.Ramlee The Musical 2”, and worked with Roslan Aziz Productions
for various artists such as Atilia, Noryn Aziz. Jimmy Jamz is currently running
his own recording and production studio called Chops And Beats Productions.

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