Heartbeat Family



( Indonesia )

Ozom was born in Bandung, Indonesia. He started his music lesson at the age of 5,
studying keyboard at Yamaha Music School. At the age of 6, he switched his instrument
to piano. At his early teen, he interested in learning guitar, but then he turned to drums
instead at the age of 14. That’s when he started to play drums in a band. In High school,
Ozom and his band called “The Brownies” became the home band at several cafes in
Bandung. When graduated from high school in 2002, he enrolled to
Pelita Harapan University to study music, majoring in Classical Percussion Performance.
And take minor saxophone. He finally graduated in 2007 and earned a title “Sarjana Seni”
(equal as Bachelor of Music).
In 2003, Ozom auditioned and got accepted to be the drummer of Rocket Rockers,
and then they got signed with Sony Music Indonesia (Now Sony – BMG Indonesia).
They produced one album, titled “Ras Bebas” in 2004. The next album released by
Rich and Reach Records which is Rocket Rockers own label called “Better Season”.

Ozom use: