We’re evolving being a better drummer, and some of us are evolving so quickly. Hence, the ultimate goal is to sound as much like ourselves as possible, every time we play. It’s alright if we have similar sound with our role models in our early intermediate days, that’s just the part of being ourselves.

Choosing a proper drumsticks for our hands is a definite thing. Buying a signature drumsticks of our hero has two benefits: It’s a mood booster for us, and it helps us creating a different sound. And purchasing a standard drumsticks with good quality will helps us creating an absolute sound.

Look inside of ourselves everyday, put an objective mirror in front of us, and always be fair. See what we can come up with our daily practice, record it and offer that choice to ourselves. Are we growing?
Having only one single influence is good, but it will transform us become a boomerang when we’re positioning ourselves as his/ her die hard fan. While having too many influences will makes us become a TV or internet junkie, not a drummer.

After we have our definite drumsticks in our hands, the next step is we have to have passion, practice, practice, patience, practice and practice. Very soon or later, even when we’re playing for about two bars only, we’ll hear some people already recognize that drumming as our drumming!

So let’s pick our drumsticks, and have a nice drumming.